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Welcome to Crossfit!

PROGENEX products now available!

CFW is proud to offer the PROGENEX product line in Canada.  CFW members enjoy a 10% discount and no shipping if they order before December 30th, 2010.

PROGENEX is a high quality protein product that many top level CrossFit athletes use as part of both their post workout recovery and general nurtition.  For more information on PROGENEX products check out their site here:

Reminder that the CFW Christmas Party is this Saturday, December 18th!

Join your fellow CFW'ers and Coaches at the Royal Oak in Whitby (304 Taunton Rd - Taunton and Garden) for some Holiday cheer and non-paleo endulgences!

Great Journal Article for those on the fence.....

If you've got a friend who's thinking about trying CrossFit, this article might be great for them:

Calling All Ladies!

Note: Due to increased interest, we have added additional "Women's Only" WODs during the week. Please see our updated schedule for more details.

For all existing and potential members, we are now offering a "Girls' Night" at CFW every Monday from 7:30 until 8:30.  We will focus  mainly on the basic olympic lifts (squats, deadlifts etc.) and bodyweight movements done at a high intensity.  This is a good opportunity for those women who are interested in trying CrossFit in a women-only setting.  If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Leslie ( [email protected] ).

If I had a dollar

I can't tell you how often I've had woman tell me that they don't want to do CrossFit or workouts that involve lifting heavy weight because they don't want to bulk up.  This is a n excellent article from elitefts dispelling the myths many woman have regarding lifting heavy. Pass this along to all the women you know who are hesitant to try CrossFit because they don't want to "look like a guy"!

In the sprit of friendly competition

CrossFit LA has a great feature on their website that we at CFW have decided to adopt.  It's called .  At the end of every day we'll take a picture of the results of the day's WOD and add it to the album on Facebook.  It's a great way to to keep track of your progress when the WOD comes up again and to encourage a little friendly competition among our members.

Deadlifts and Dresses

If I had to pick one fitness myth that bothers me the most, it would have to be the misconception many women have that they can't lift heavy weights (which is ridiculous).  So in the spirit of dispelling some myths, a little something for the ladies who love to deadlift!

Hand Care 101

After a WOD last week that really tore up thehands, here's a great article on hand care from CrossFit Virtuosity in Brooklyn

FFGB Coverage in Snap

Check out the coverage of Freida's Fight Gone Bad in Snap Whitby

It's Official...

We've moved! The new digs at 1751 Wentworth, unit 7, are up and running.  If you have been curious about CrossFit now is a great time to come down, check out the new space and try a free intro session.

FGB for Heart and Stroke

Freida's Fight Gone Bad was a huge success!  We managed to raise just over $1,700 for Heart and Stroke reasearch.  Thanks to everyone who participated and donated - it was a great day!  Check out our Facebook page for lots of pictures from the event and look for coverage in Septermbers edition of 'Snap Whitby'.

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