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CFW - Bring a Friend Day (Saturday, November 13)

For all our members who have friends that keep asking them about CrossFit, here's a great opportunity to have them see what it's all about.....


Bring one friend or bring a bunch!

All are welcome and we will have a special activity planned for the day, to accommodate all fitness and experience levels.

SPACE IS LIMITED -- RSVP to reserve a spot!
Email [email protected] or call (905) 576-9700

CF Whitby vs. CF Oshawa (Saturday, November 20)

Come out for a fun CrossFit Challenge held at CrossFit Oshawa. There will be three events. This is exclusively for CrossFit Oshawa and CrossFit Whitby members, the idea is to meet each other and have some fun!

Location: CrossFit Oshawa
712 Wilson Road South
Oshawa, ON

Time: 9am - 3pm

Please RSVP via the link on our Facebook page or send an email to [email protected]

100 Day Push-up Challenge (November 8th to February 16th)

Next Monday, November 8th, is the start of CFW's "100 day push-up challenge". Interested? Here's how it works....
Day one (next Monday), 1 push-up. Day two, 2 push-ups. Continue this
way until February 16th, day 100, and, you guessed it, 100 push-ups!

- This is an individual challenge, so if you have a place during ...your
day (home, work, outdoors, etc.) that is large enough for you to do a
push-up, you can join us!

- Miss a day? No problem, just make up the push-ups the next day (so if
you miss day 30, on day 31, you do 61 push-ups - 30 + 31)

- Did push-ups in a workout? Good news - you may count them toward your required push-ups for the day.

- Did more push-ups today than required? Sorry... you can't "pre-load" and get credit for push-ups done in advance.

- Want to join in after we've begun? No problem... the "buy-in" on your
first day is the total number of push-ups you've missed thus far, plus
all push-ups that day (on day 10, buy-in is 55 push-ups).

Good luck... and post to comments on our Facebook page if you're "IN"!

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